The Toro STX-38 Stump Grinder is built for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions. Fully hydraulic operation means no chance of expensive belts breaking or slipping and no tension adjustments.

  • Hydraulically driven head
  • Hi-drive track system
  • Intelli-Sweep


The Inteli-Sweep feature automatically slows the sweep speed of the cutting head based on the load of the wheel, so heavy cutting loads won’t bog down the engine. And with easy-to-use TX-style controls and tracks for manoeuvrability and stability, the STX-38 is extremely operator friendly. The STX-38 Stump Grinder’s electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine provides less maintenance, easier starting, and improved performance. Best of all, ground speeds of 8 km/h allow you to spend more time grinding and less time transporting the machine for greater productivity.


Hydraulically Driven Cutter Head & Guarding Design-

Eliminates labour of tightening or replacing costly poly-chain® belts or clutches. There is no need to replace expensive cogged pulleys. It also eliminates shock loads to the engine from belts slipping or head stopping. The heavy-duty sealed, greaseable bearing housing and cutter shaft minimise maintenance. Cutter head and guard design allow for exceptional below-grade grinding and easy chip management.


Intelli-Sweep™ feature automatically adjusts sweep speed based on load on the wheel to maintain optimal operation.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine-

Kohler© Command Pro ECV980 engine delivers reliable power, easy starting in cold weather, and no choke to reduce maintenance.

STX Control System-

The easy-to-use control system offers smooth operation and fewer levers/knobs than conventional stump grinders. An armrest near the joystick also reduces operator fatigue.

Hi-Drive Track System-

The hi-drive track system provides superior climbing capability, maneuverability, and greater hillside stability. It eliminates tyre ruts and flat tyres and operates in soft, wet ground conditions.

Grinder Teeth-

Easily rotate and replace grinder teeth for maximum performance and efficiency.

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