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Caution!Buying products online can often seem like a great way of getting what you want at a better price. Before buying a STIHL product online it’s worth considering a few facts….

Things To Know Before Purchasing Online

  • STIHL’s Warranty Policy only covers products that are sold by Authorised
    Australian STIHL Dealers.
  • STIHL products that are purchased from providers outside of Australia may
    not be built to Australian standards and could be illegal to operate in Australia for safety
    and environmental reasons.
  • STIHL Australia cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts for STIHL products that are purchased from suppliers that obtain STIHL products from other countries.
  • If a power tool that is not certified for use in Australia is deemed to be the cause of an
    accident or incident, possible insurance claims may be made void.
  • The product manual may not be in the language of your region so proper assembly
    and operating instructions may hinder product performance and compromise user safety.
    Is your STIHL genuine and compliant?
  • STIHL Pty Ltd Australia receives a substantial number of phone calls from customers who
    have purchased products online and have experienced problems due to many unknowns
    associated with these products. The standards of storage and transport are highly
    questionable, and there is also the possibility that items are refurbished, counterfeit or stolen.
  • Products purchased outside of the Australian Authorised STIHL Dealer Network are not
    covered by the STIHL Australia Warranty.
  • A genuine STIHL product will include an Owners’ Manual and Warranty Registration card in
  • Another indication of a non-complaint product would be photocopied manuals.
  • A warranty card that does not state the warrantor as “STIHL Pty Ltd, 5 Kingston Park Court,
    Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia, 3180, ACN 004 881 145, ABN 76 004 881 145” can be identified
    as non-compliant.
  • If a product does not have a C-Tick mark EMC compliance or approval number for electrical
    products it can be identified as non-compliant.

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