The ‘Buffalo Buck’

All the benefits of Honda’s superior engine technology at a very affordable price, the HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck Mulch & Catch is ideal for medium lawns and the residential user.Honda HRU19M1 Walk Behind Lawnmower in use


Honda HRU19M1 Lawnmower studioThe HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck is ideal for the average residential block. It’s lightweight and easy to push with a sleek, rustproof alloy deck. Offering a generous 19-inch cut, the 60 litre Dacron catcher means that you’ll get around your yard with no hassles, and few stops.

The Buffalo Buck’s pull cord is attached to the upper handles for ease of use. You won’t need to bend over to pull the cord, simply lean in, pull back, and with Honda’s “first time, every time” technology, mowing the lawn will never be a chore again!

Honda’s unique Auto Choke feature allows you to conveniently run the HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck without needing to adjust the choke or engine throttle. And safety is assured with Honda’s Engine Brake Technology, which will stop the blades and engine within three seconds of releasing the handle.


Powering the HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck with reliable, consistent power is the GCV160 Honda engine. A long-lasting, 5.5 horsepower-class engine, the Four-Stroke GCV160 features overhead valve and overhead cam technology.

This means you can fill up your HRU19M1 with the same regular unleaded that you put in your car, which means not only is there no messy oil and fuel mixing involved, but the Buffalo Buck is also easy on the environment.

And to keep you dry at the end of a session in the yard, the HRU19M1 incorporates a polypropylene, snap on fitting so you can connect your hose and easily clean under the deck. Simply clip it on, turn the water on and start it up – it’ll be clean in a few short seconds.


Honda HRU19M1 LawnmowerThe HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck Mulch & Catch model includes an easy to fit mulching plug. Perfect if you mow regularly, this mulching option is sure to save you time because there’s no catcher bag to empty.

Furthering Honda’s commitment to the environment, mulching is great for the environment. Grass is naturally full of nutrients, and by mulching your clippings, you’re distributing these nutrients straight back into the soil.

Of course, the soil that you’re feeding is your own front or back yard, so every time your neighbour enviously peers over the fence, you can sit back, smile and thank your HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck Mulch & Catch.


4 Year WarrantyThe HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck comes standard with a 4-Year Domestic Warranty, and with the right maintenance and regular servicing from an authorised Honda dealer, it will work as hard as you for many years to come.

Where will you find an authorised Honda dealer? With 400+ of them spread across Australia, you don’t have to go far. Specially trained to deal with Honda’s premium lawn & garden range, you’re in good hands.

To see how the HRU19M1 stacks up against Honda’s other domestic, semi-commercial and commercial mowers, click on the Compare Products icon. There’s bound to be a Honda perfect for you!


Product Code HRU19M1
MowSafe Technology Engine Brake


Engine Spec OHV/OHC
Start Type Re-coil
Auto Choke Yes
Chassis Aluminium Alloy
Cutting Width 470mm
Cutting Height Adjustment 1 Lever
Cutting Height Range 11 stages 16-76mm
Speeds Push
Wheel Diameter 200mm
Grass Catcher Dacron Bag
Catcher Capacity 60 Litres
Fuel Type Unleaded
Fuel Capacity 0.91 Litres
Mulching Capability Yes
Rear Discharge Capability Yes
Wash Port Yes
Weight 34Kg
RRP $839
Warranty 4 Years