• 110 HP ProStar® 1000 H.O. Engine.
  • Industry Exclusive! Walker Evans Needle Shocks.
  • High-flow Clutch Intake System.
  • Available in Blue Metallic or White Lightning.
  • Race-inspired 3 link trailing arm with 45.7 cm rear wheel travel.

RZR 1000 – Specifications

Polaris Ride Command Option

110 Horsepower PROSTAR 1000 H.O Engine: Designed specifically for extreme performance, the Polaris ProStar® 1000 H.O. engine features 110 horses of High Output power and all of the hallmark ProStar® features. This includes dual overhead cams, electronic fuel injection, and 4 valves per cylinder. It also features light weight design with massive dual bore 48MM throttle bodies and long-tip fuel injectors giving the RZR XP 1000 instant throttle response and quick to rev characteristics.

High Flow Clutch Intake System: The clutch cover, secondary helix and ducting system offers the most durable clutch system ever on the RZR XP 1000. New ducting provides twice as much airflow and decreases belt temperature by up to 50 degrees.

Exclusive Walker Evans Shocks: Industry-exclusive Walker Evans needle shocks deliver next level performance and tuning capabilities. Aside from the ingenious anti-bottom needle technology, the 6.4 cm diameter rear shocks feature tool-less 16-position compression dampening control, allowing you to tune for the perfect ride for any condition.

Long Travel Dual A-Arm Independent Front Suspension: The dual A-arm front suspension on the RZR XP 1000 delivers a plush 40.6 cm of travel and features a dual coil-over spring design. By using two individual springs and a crossover point versus a single dual rate spring, the RZR XP 1000 delivers a smooth, precise ride no matter the terrain.

Industry Leading Ground Clearance: The RZR XP 1000 is built upon a 228.6 cm wheelbase and 34.3 cm of ground clearance. The chassis and suspension combo smoothes the harshest terrain without unwanted chassis pitch; and delivers unmatched control and comfort without sacrificing agility. Giving you our legendary razor sharp handling even in the most challenging terrain.

High Performance AWD: The High Performance True On-Demand All-Wheel Drive System features a close ratio final drive to keep the front wheels pulling stronger and longer maximizing power delivery to the ground, even on the loosest terrain. The system provides increased traction without sacrificing steering effort to provide unmatched point-and-shoot handling.

Performance Optimized Suspension Geometry: A race-inspired 3-link rear suspension maximizes acceleration, sharpens control, and improves straight-line tracking by keeping the tires in contact with the ground more often. Polaris redesigned the already best-in-class 3-link suspension introduced in 2011 with revised geometry to offer 25% more ground clearance from leading edge of tire in regards to the trailering arm; optimized camber gain for improved traction; and a longer trailing arm for added strength.

Standard Electronic Power Steering: Front suspension geometry and standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS) results in less steering effort and delivers the ultimate in control with reduced rider fatigue.

Centered Cockpit: Every RZR is specifically engineered to provide the driver and passenger with the most exhilarating, comfortable ride on the market. From the patented design that places the engine behind the seat to the placement of the occupants towards the middle of the vehicle, RZR’s design provides a low center of gravity for unparalleled handling and ground-hugging performance. For better driver positioning, the RZR XP 1000 features an adjustable seat slider and new seat back angle for a more comfortable driving experience. The angle situates the driver closer to the steering wheel bringing the elbows closer to the body for less arm fatigue and a more natural driving position.

Comfortable & Ergonomic Interior: The cockpit of the RZR XP 1000 offers the most comfort and convenience of any RZR. A High Performance steering wheel with 25.4 cm tilt adjustability and center storage box with cell-phone holder place everything within reach, including the glovebox with a quick turn latch. Driver and passenger footrests, height-adjustable seat belt, and adjustable seat sliders allows you to fine tune your seating position and Dryseat technology resists moisture, while LED interior lighting adds a touch of style. Removable floor drains allow you to washout debris and mud quickly and easily.

Genuine Accessories: Polaris Engineered Accessories are designed with the vehicle ensuring the highest quality of design, integration and function. The RZR XP® 1000 frame is specifically engineered for the integration of Polaris Engineered lighting and audio, with predetermined mounting points and hidden wire routing throughout the cab. Polaris Engineered Accessories come with a one-year factory warranty and do not jeopardize your vehicle warranty, making them the preferred choice for customizing your RZR®.

Customize Your Ride: Customization is easy with over 145 accessories to choose from, designed specifically for the RZR XP® 1000. Polaris engineers are focused on delivering innovative, quality products that fit right, install easily and stand out against the competition. Choose from a variety of options that best fit your needs including high quality lighting and our all-new Soundbars and Extreme Audio Pods. Our lights are the highest quality using Polaris® exclusive LED technology, angled reflectors and a proprietary shape for full-spread light projection so you can see more. Installation is easy with accessory mounting locations and wiring channels designed into the cage of the RZR®, keeping wires protected and clean. Check out Polaris.com/shop for all our lighting and audio solutions.