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Polaris ATV - Get Sportsman, Ranger Side By Side, RZR & Outlaw ATVs

Sportsman 570

With a number of improvements from it's predecessor (the Sportsman 500, discontinued in 2014), one of the most affordable true all wheel drive (AWD) all terrain vehicles available on the Australian market. Get in to AMAC today for a demo.


Polaris 44

Large PTO tractor slasher attachments aren't always ideal for mowing situations- the Polaris tow behind slashers are perfect for tighter scenarios like in between fence lines or through low hanging vegetation where tractors don't have the accessibility. The 44" rough cut will get your overgrown grass down to a minimum in no time at all, right from the comfort of your ATV.


AMAC - Polaris Ranger Diesel Crew

Get the whole crew mobile & go further with 40% more range than camparable petrol models. On demand all-wheel-drive delivers the trademark Polaris traction which means you can get your people to more places on rough terrain & need not worry about taking reserve fuel supplies.

The fuel efficiency of the Japanese built Yanmar engine is highly advanced thanks to extensive research carried out by the R&D team at Yanmar. The engine is also ahead of it's class in terms of power & the Ranger Diesel Crew delivers a whopping 1 Ton tow capacity. In addition the 1000 pound rear dump box means this all terrain weapon doubles as a utility vehicle and a troop carrier.


Polaris Hawkeye 400 in red

The Polaris Hawkeye 400 2x4 ATV is one of the best value all terrain vehicles available in the market today. Similar to it's sister model, the Hawkeye 300, it comes with the highly acclaimed independent rear suspension (IRS) providing an ultra smooth ride while maintaining 28.5 cm of ground clearance. Designed for humans, the Hawkeye range is ergonomic in so many ways and will deliver countless hours of happy & comfortable riding.

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Polaris RZR 170 side by side ATV

The RZR from Polaris brings extreme side by side action at an entry level price. Brothers & sisters or the juniors along with their friends can strap in for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime while parents can sit back & relax knowing that their children are amidst the highest level of safety that ATV from Polaris can offer, including the highly acclaimed speed limiter as standard.

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Polaris Outlaw 90 - great for kids & smaller adults too

As with the Outlaw 50, this ATV for juniors comes standard with a parent controlled speed limiter so that you control how fast your children ride. The extra 40cc of capacity gives this all terrain vehicle plenty of extra punch that's ideal for the more experienced intermediate rider and will have young guys or girls grinning with excitement when they open the throttle with that extra power. An ideal stepping stone before jumping onto the full sized machines.

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Polaris Outlaw 50 in pink - get the kids adapt to riding at an early stage.

Available in pink for girls & blue for boys (or whichever you prefer), the Outlaw 50 is an ideal stepping stone or starting point for your children. With a parent adjustable speed limiter, the Outlaw 50 is much more than a small sized ATV - it has been designed from a parents perspective and has all of the safety features you would come to expect with something intended for use by children. It also has plenty of power for the kids with more experience, all of which is accessed once the limiter is taken off.

  • Adjustable Speed Limiter
  • Safety Flag, Helmet & DVD Included
  • 4 Stroke

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Polaris Sportsman 550 EPS

The Polaris Sportsman® 550 base model & 550 EPS produce a heap of power from their single cylinder 550cc engines which gets delivered in ultra smooth fashion with the on-demand true all wheel drive (AWD) which maximizes traction on any terrain. The EPS model boasts an innovative concept involving electronic power steering (EPS). Extend on the superior features & comfort of the X2 550 with the luxury of power assisted steering, making your ride even easier than before. Key features are:

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 549cc SOHC EFI Engine
  • 1-Up & 2-Up Versatility In Seconds
  • On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) With Turf Mode
  • Anti-Kickback Steering


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Polaris Ranger 500 EFI at AMAC

When it comes to big power in a mid sized side by side ATV, the Polaris Ranger delivers with 32 horsepower coming from it's single cylinder big bore engine.

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AMAC - Polaris EV side by side ATV

The 2011 Polaris RANGER® EV is the leader of the electric, mid-sized side-by-side class. Clean & quiet, it features an unmatched ride and 40.2 kph top speed.

  • 30 HP 48-Volt High-Efficiency AC-Inducted Electric Motor
  • Smooth Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Mid-Sized Design - Fits In A Full-Size Pickup
  • Plug Recharge With Standard 110v AC Outlet

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AMAC - Polaris Ranger 400 side by side

A mid sized side by side all terrain vehicle that still packs plenty of punch with 29 horsepower on board. On demand true all wheel drive (AWD) along with 500 pounds of load capacity put the Ranger 400 in a highly competitive value for money bracket which retains many of the features normally seen in full sized models, without the more expensive price tag.

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AMAC - Polaris Ranger Diesel ATV

Get serious working power with the Polaris Ranger Diesel. All Terrain Vehicle's don't come much tougher than this beast with optional 2 wheel drive or all wheel drive for when you need the traction most. With a staggering 2000 pounds (1 tonne) of towing capacity and 40 percent more range than the petrol equivalent, this ATV has everything you need to keep working for longer. The Ranger Diesel has many farmers asking themselves why they still need their traditional tractor for most of their tasks around the farm when they can have the added flexibility & much more efficient ATV equivalent.

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Polaris Sportsman X2 550 ATV

The 2012/2013 Polaris Sportsman® X2 550 is the most versatile ATV on the planet. The perfect utility ATV in rear-cargo mode and touring ATV in 2-Up mode. New: more seat foam increases passenger comfort. Key features are:

  • 549cc SOHC EFI Engine
  • 1-Up & 2-Up Versatility In Seconds
  • On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) With Turf Mode
  • Anti-Kickback Steering

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Polaris Sportsman 6x6 Big Boss 800 EFI ATV

The 2013 Polaris Sportsman® Big Boss 6x6 800 EFI ATV is a one of a kind & a big step up for those who need a serious utility vehicle in an all terrain format. Key features are:

  • 760cc 4-Stroke Twin-Cylinder EFI Engine
  • 6x6 On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Legendary Smooth Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Liquid Cooled
  • 360kg rear tray capacity
  • Tipper/tilt tray


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AMAC - Polaris Sportsman 400 H.0

Full-Size Best Value ATV

The full-size Sportsman 400 H.O. is back and better than ever. Now with the same full-size chassis as the Sportsman 500 H.O., it delivers improved ride and handling, the reliable power of a 455cc liquid-cooled engine, and a great value.

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AMAC - Polaris Hawkeye 2x4

Hawkeye is one of Polaris' best-selling ATVs. Designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand, Hawkeye opens up an entirely new class of ATVs. Hawkeye 2x4 is clearly the ATV that does not compromise. And at a great price, Hawkeye offers exceptional value.Hawkeye is ready to tackle the toughest of jobs with:

  • 299cc 4-Stroke Engine
  • High carrying capacities
  • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with 20.3 cm travel
  • 340.2 kg towing capacity


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Polaris XP 550 at AMAC

Polaris XP 550

$9995 RIDE AWAY!


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