Every landscape professional has customers that are particular about the way their properties look after they’ve been mowed. Often the properties are equally demanding, with short runs, tight turns, trees, flowerbeds, you name it. For high-end properties, a clean, manicured look is everything. The Z Master® 8000 Series Direct Collect Z gives you that and much more. A powerful blower moves more air, allowing large volumes of material to be thrown into the hopper. The rear-discharge deck lets you trim on either side while keeping flower beds and walkways clipping-free. And the high-capacity collection system helps extend mowing time. With ground speeds up to 11.3 km/h, the 8000 series is the answer for a perfect cut in less time.

Z Master 8000 series
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Key Features

Kohler® EFI

Kohler Closed-Loop EFI engine provides the highest productivity with the lowest operating cost and reduced carbon footprint. It’s the easiest, most reliable starting

engine and backed by Kohler’s unlimited hour three year commercial warranty. Engine mounted in-line with frame to allow for superior engine cooling air-flow, hence increasing the engine life (available on model 74312).

Drive Control System Design

The drive control system design utilises the latest hydro-drive technology for smooth and precise control at more productive mowing speeds. The control interface allows for increase control and consistent feel throughout the operating range. The drive system is equipped with high performance 18 cubic inch H-Series Motors

and reduced friction 12 cc pumps to improve control feel.

Commercial Design and Heavy-Duty Construction

The superior 50 hp gearbox with spiral-bevel cut gears assembly utilises premium Timken tapered roller bearings and is independently sealed at each box to prevent

cross contamination or loss of lubricant. The integrated seal guards on output shafts protect and keep debris away.

Toro Cutting and Collection Technology

Exclusive fill-reduction system provides the most versatile cutting system in a
dedicated bagging machine. The floating deck follows ground contours to virtually
eliminate scalping and the 4 (11.8 cm) deep deck processes taller grass at higher
speeds without clogging. The unique adjustment screen also prevents clogging
in wet and blowout in dry conditions to provide a clean look.

Swing Away Fuel Tank

The fuel tank pivots out for easier engine servicing.

Enhanced Bagging & High Capacity

Large blower to move more air allowing grass to stand up for a superior cut and the

9.5-bushel hopper means less time emptying and more time mowing. Exclusive baffle design fills evenly back to front for maximum efficiency.



640 cc Kohler® Command Pro 15.3 kW engine

42″ (106.7 cm) cutting width


730 cc Kohler® Command Pro EFI ECH730 18.6 kW engine

48″ (121.9 cm) cutting width