Mini Diggers - Toro Wheelmaster

The labour-saving Wheel Loader gives you greater capability and effortless manoeuvrability so you can get more done with less time in a short learning curve-even for inexperienced operators.

  • 23 hp Kohler petrol
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Two 15 litre fuel tanks
  • Two-stage, heavy-duty remote air cleaner
  • 4 paw hydraulic traction control
  • 7.2km/h forward/reverse
  • 777kg dry weight

Productive, no matter how you look at it.

  • Supporting numerous attachments, WheelLoader will continue to astonish you with what they can accomplish
  • Ride-on platform provides improved safety and visibility of your working area and attachments
  • At only 104 cm wide and with zero-turn capability, you can access confined spaces you never dreamed possible
  • Removable counterweight allows you to add lift capacity or increase down pressure for optimal attachment performance
  • Short length contributes to efficient trailering.

4 Paw® independent 4-wheel drive system.

Four independent wheel motors deliver hydraulic flow and pressure to all four wheels at all times on the WheelLoader model.

  • Improves traction
  • Increases mobility
  • Reduces chances of getting stuck
  • Less moving parts, reducing maintenance.

Reliable hydraulic power, time after time.

  • Pumping 41 Lt/m @ 3000 psi, these machines have incredible hydraulic power
  • Powerful 2-pump hydraulic system for efficient separation of power to attachments, wheels or loader arms
  • Quick-change dripless flush-face couplers keep hydraulic system clean.

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